Earth Movement and Supply

Expect the Best Quality of Earth Movement and  Supply

Don’t own a Truck? Don’t worry! We Deliver. We can haul anything from landscape materials to topsoil and beauty rock. Urbanik Earth Movement & Supply Services provides a wide range of products which are applicable to all general landscaping projects. In addition. these products are ideally suited for landscaping application given the low maintenance, durability, safety and cost effectiveness we provide.

Whether you are a homeowner, landscaper or contractor, we invite you to experience the level of commitment we have to out customer and the services we provide. At Urbanik Earth Movement and Supply services, expect only the Great Quality Product at Fair, Competitive Pricing with Excellent Service and Attention to Details. Our Earth Movement and Supply Services is available in South Florida. Not only in Hialeah but also in Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale.

What to Expect from Urbanik Services Earth & Movement Supplies

  • High Quality Trucks for Hauling
  • ​​​​Safe and Efficient Services
  • Ability to haul multiple yards at once
  • Compliance with local load and truck standards
  • Ability to handle off road and hard to access areas
  • A fleet of divers ready to assist with large and small landscaping projects
  • Ensures that projects starts with the right materials, as a result, it ends in clean, professional finish
  • We offer hauling services for residential, commercial, state and municipal projects
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Customer Satisfaction

What we enjoy the most about our job is building businesses and maintaining positive relationships with our customers. Our clients are not our customers but our friends too. We look forward in providing you with not only quality business but also a worthwhile relationship. Because we believe that in order to give quality services to you clients, good relationship with them is an important factor to make everything done in a smooth and easy way. Finally, we wanted our clients to feel that we’re not only after the job, or the money at stake. But also creating rapport and establishing trust is an edge to a high quality service.

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Quality Work from Urbanik Services

We offer a full line of professional products to meet all your landscaping needs. While our diversity and quality products allow for one stop shopping backed by our exceptional customer service from expert guidance and through a full delivery system. Furthermore, we also understand how you value your money and Urbanik Earth supply services deliver soil products that is right for your property’s needs, because our team prides itself on quality and professionalism, each job begins with us bringing in the right products.

Why Choose Urbanik Services Earth & Movement Supplies

  • We take great pride in our truck and drivers, whether delivering landscaping materials to your home or jobsite or removing debris.
  • Our haul away drivers are professional, friendly and knowledgeable and – best of all – they’re prompt and courteous.
  • Our Team is committed to fairness and honesty, and the haul off price we quote is what you’ll pay. We don’t believe in padding your cost with hidden fees or fuel surcharges.

Most of All, Urbanik company has what it takes to get the job done safely and quickly so customers can enjoy their beautiful home! Friendly service and professionalism is what you can expect when choosing Us for your Soil Hauling and Earth supply Materials.

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