Ground Preparations

One of the most important thing to landscaping is how to prepare the soil or Ground Preparations. Plants live, die, struggle or thrived based on the condition of the soil in which they are planted.  Just like us, plants are living organism that need the proper environment to thrive. Yet, all are too often, in the rush to have instant-flowering, quickly growing landscapes. Attention is given to the soil that will allow plants to flourish. Though many try to skip this labor intensive step, when it comes to shortcuts for achieving great, long-term results in your landscape.

ground pre - Ground Preparations

Ground Preparations involves removing a portion of lawn, killing pre - emergent weeds and pests in the soil, amending the soil to create the needed aeration and nutrient balance, and for some areas grading. Preparing the ground is time well spent. It contributes to healthy growth of your new plants and save time spent weeding in the future.

Ground Preparation addresses two main issues. First, it deals with ensuring the adequate supply of nutrients that will allow your plants grow. The second pertains to creating a soil structure that allows your plants to properly obtain and uptake the nutrients. It is uncommon for a builder to simply build the flower beds along the house and throw much over the top of clay. As a result plants are struggling because water cannot reach the root systems. Our Ground Preparation Service is available in South Florida. Not only in Hialeah but also in Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale.

Urbanik Operators or DIY?

Our team are experienced in landscape soil preparation and give great advice. Furthermore, our skilled operators will get the job done right the first time. And save you from taking on potentially hazardous excavation tasks on your own. Believe it or not, it is actually safer and more economical to use our operators and outdoor landscaping equipment. Than to hire a machine and do it yourself. Give us a call. We will be happy to assist you in this project.

groun prep 2 - Ground Preparations

Why Choose Urbanik Services for Your Ground Preparation Needs?

  • All of our operators have been trained thoroughly and can offer advice on your project if needed. We don't want to give you a so-so job. Most of all, we want you to experience a high quality treatment coming from our trained operators.
  • Do the Job the first time and hire our man and machine instead of hiring a machine to do it yourself.  We take less time and the job is completed to a higher standard. With no headaches and frowning of forehead for you. We only want to deliver best results for our customers or clients. So we really want to put majority of our effort in completing the job
  • We can also arrange the supply of materials to complete your project.
  • With Urbanik Services, you don't only get the right machinery for the job. But you also get and expert operator who can do the job to the highest standard in the shortest amount of time. We have the right machines, the right attachments, and the right operators to ensure that the job is done well every time.

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