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Unquestionably, trees play an important and valuable role not only to you but to your community as well. Trees creates oxygen and cleans up pollutants from the air. And shades from trees can lower cooling costs and provide a cool spot on a hot summer day and it provides a beautiful tapestry of ever changing colors with the seasonal change. Furthermore, they also can increase property value as it makes your home or business or any property looks expensive. Not only do they beautify neighborhoods and properties, but they also provide a litany of ancillary benefits. 

By maintaining and caring for your trees, you contribute to the trees' health while they can live the long healthy and life nature intended. That's the reason why Urbanik Services is here. We don't want to cast out the benefits that trees gives you. And we also understand your responsibility to take good care of your trees to be sure that they stay strong and healthy and keep growing for many years to come and we, at Urbanik Services offers a wide range of tree services, catering to your individual needs and specified requirements. Furthermore, we will help you keep your trees healthy and maintained with our exceptional tree services whenever you need us. Most importantly, we want our clients to be-  worry and stress free all year long.

Urbanik Services

Urbanik Services is a Tree Service company that is fully equipped to help you with complete Tree Services for both residential and commercial projects. Because there is no job too big for us to handle. Even wind, rain, hail or snow can never stop us from being there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all emergency calls. We even offer extended hours for those projects that cannot be handled during the traditional 9-5 time frame. We are located in in South Florida. Not only in Hialeah but also in Miami, Broward, Fort Lauderdale.


At Urbanik Services, we offer different kinds of Tree Services from Tree Removal or Stump Removal, Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning and Tree Planting. With our highly skilled team, Urbanik Services can provide both preventive tree care and ongoing maintenance of trees for homeowners and business owners.

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Tree Removal or Stump Removal Services

Sometimes removing a tree is the only option. If the tree in question is dead, dying, creating and uncorrectable hazardous situation, or crowding out other trees, we have the skills and equipment to efficiently remove it with our Tree Stump Removal Services. Therefore, we provide safe, professional tree removal service. You can count on our team to provide excellent customer service and respectful employees on the job site.

Tree Trimming or Tree Pruning

Tree Trimming or Pruning is essential for healthy plants, as well as an aesthetically pleasing landscape. However, improper pruning or trimming can weaken branch structure and divert energy from areas of the tree that need it most. We have all the skill and equipment to prune or trim your trees and shrubs according to the very latest guidelines for appearance, health and safety.

Tree-trimming - Tree Services
Tree-planting - Tree Services

Tree Planting

Adding a new tree in your yard is great way to spruce up your property. Trees are not only beautiful to look at, but they also ass significant environmental value to the world around you. Planting trees can be hard work but for Urbanik Services, no work is hard for us because we have the experience and knowledge to ensure proper tree planting. Not only to enhance your landscape, while their shade helps conserve  energy. In addition, some of the benefits for tree planting in your property are: shade, privacy, natural home cooling, wind breaking to reduce winter heating costs, erosion control and cleaner air.

Landscape Waste Removal

Aside from making sure that our customers are served best from our Landscape Removal Services, we also want them to know and feel that they are on top of our priority. Giving them the best Landscape Removal Service in town. We provide cost-effective yard waste pick up and disposal services. Urbanik Services is a Company that will help you with Landscape Waste Removal and making it a stress Free environment. Schedule or give us Call today. We have Staffs that is ready to cater your Landscape Waste Removal Needs.

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Urbanik Services isn't called Trees Services for nothing. We always strive for the best and quality services for our customers that's why we're called professional Trees' Services.


Competetive Pricing

Competitive Pricing on all services. No hidden costs or extra charges. Free assessment and quotes available! And we offer free no-obligation quotes, affordable services and will work within the confides of your schedule whenever possible. We make tree services affordable and we let our work speak for itself.


Flexible Scheduling

We offer flexible appointments and will accommodate your schedule to finish as quickly as possible with minimal intrusion. Like what we always say, we always want our customers and future customers to be satisfied right before hand.


Team of Professionals

We expertly handle all the jobs from Tree Removal, Tree Trimming or Pruning to Tree Planting. Furthermore, you can rely on our professional team to make sure your job is completed to your satisfaction. We listen to our customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions


Professionally maintained

Your existing Trees will be properly maintained for a long life. Taking good care of these precious resources is paramount and most of all and we always strive to keep in mind maintain it in the best way that we can and in professional manner


Safe and Stress Free

We understand how Trees can keep you buckled up and worry too much. Maybe because of the trees that fell off your property or trees that hinders your home or your property from acquiring that scenic view. Urbanik Services will wipe out those worries and stress. We make sure that we confidently do our work 100% safe and hazard free.


24/7 Support and Easy Online Contact

Fill out our contact form and we will get back with you to schedule an appointment. Because we care about our customers and strive to make your experience with us the best. We are available to answer any questions or problems you may have because our customer service and attention to detail is second to no one and there is always someone in hand to discuss your requirements or answer any queries you have.


Customer Satisfaction

Urbanik Services is an exceptional Tree Service Company that serves customers with high standard services and that customer satisfaction in every work that we do whether it's the first time or second time is always our priority. We believe in the power of exceptional customer service. We know that we are nothing without our customers and that our reputation entirely depends on your satisfaction with our work. Customer satisfaction to us means doing the job right – the first time!

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